My Sister, The Reality TV Star

My little sister, Devan, just returned from London where she spent a month filming a new reality TV show called Sorority Girls.  I still haven’t had the chance to catch up with her about her whole experience, but her and four other girls were chosen out of thousands of US applicants to take part in the show.  She was given a stylist, flown overseas and given a place to stay while the filming took place.  Sounds fun to me!

The show is only set to air in the UK, but our family will be able to view the show via some DVDs they give Devan later on.

I’m really proud of my little sister for graduating college this year, landing a job in Seattle and pursuing her interests.  I just wish we lived a little bit closer.

Click here to view a preview video of the show Sorority Girls.  (Devan is the girl on the far right)


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