Autumn Means Christmas

Today it poured rain for a few hours before it got sunny.  Crazy San Luis Obispo weather.  Which meant that I was walking downtown this afternoon in the sunshine wearing rain boots.  Oh well.  I own rain boots just so I can wear them eight days out of the year.  It’s worth it for those eight days when I need them.

Anywhoo, the smell of rain, the few leaves that have started to change color, the pumpkin spice latte I got this morning…do you know what they all make me think of???  CHRISTMAS!!!  Or, to be more specific, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!

Yeah, I know that doesn’t really make sense, but this is the time of year I start making lists, checking them twice and finding gifts for people.  Jon thinks I’m nuts, but then he appreciates it when December 15th hits and he realizes he doesn’t need to panic over buying gifts.  Trust me, on December 15th he will hug me.

Tonight I am going to try making something new: Tomato-Strawberry Preserves.  It sounds like an interesting twist on your average strawberry jam.  So if all goes well, maybe I’ll mass produce some in jars and include that in some of my Christmas giving.

Sorry to all you family members who read my blog – I guess when you unwrap your gift and find a jar of tomato-strawberry preserves you can just act surprised anyway, right?


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