26 Weeks

26 weeks feels pretty good for the most part.  Except as soon as I said goodbye to queasy, sleepless showed up.  Oh well.

Cameron moves around a lot now and one of my favorite things to do in the evenings is just sit on the couch and watch my tummy, waiting to see his next move.

The top 3 things I’ve craved recently:

  1. Orange juice with lots of pulp
  2. Lucky Charms cereal
  3. Aloe juice with pulp
  4. And corn dogs comes in a close fourth
Number 1 thing I used to love but can’t stand since getting pregnant:
  1. Eggs
In the past few weeks the desire to meet this little guy has also kicked in big time, but I still have three-ish months to go.  Maybe it’s because I’m more aware of him since I can feel him more?  Whatever it is, it’s a really great feeling.


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