A Month For Marriage

Wow.  I can already tell this new book is going to be really good for me.  In fact, in three weeks Jon and I are driving up to Yosemite to attend a Family Life Weekend To Remember Marriage Conference, so I’m kind of excited to make my marriage the theme of the next month in my life.  With a baby on the way, I’m thinking this could be the perfect time to really put some focus, prayer and reflection into my marriage – could save me a lot of “I woulda done things differently” comments later on.  Plus, with baby only three months away, it’s already really easy to become baby-centered; something I hear can be completely detrimental to a marriage.

For only being married a year and a half I feel like I’ve experienced a decent amount of marriage input.  We’ve read books (For Men Only, For Women Only, Love & Respect, Sheet Music, This Momentary Marriage), watched DVDs (Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage) and listened to a book on tape, BUT I’m realizing all over again that there’s a difference between knowing what you should do and practicing what you should do.

So my goal for the next month specifically, is to focus on becoming a better wife.

One key thing I learned from Chapter 1 that I’ll share:

  • A goal is something I want that I can also control
  • A desire is something I want that I cannot control
Desires, like the desire to have a wonderful, intimate marriage, is out of my control because that desire being fulfilled depends upon the choices and actions of my husband as well.  However, I can have a goal of becoming a more loving, godly wife because I can be responsible for my own choices and actions in that way.  The overarching theme in chapter 1 was that I should focus on doing my part – not trying to make my husband do his part better.
So far, I’m loving this book.  More to share later…

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