How Far We’ve Fallen

Photo by Brandon Smith Photography

This picture is beautiful.  Comforting.
Peaceful.  Honest.
But how is that possible?
Doesn’t this depict a most tragic moment in human history?
Isn’t this to blame for the current state of things?

There’s a lot in life that doesn’t seem to go right.
In my life, perfection is always the next gal’s blog.
Insecurity always creeps back in somehow.
My arms aren’t long enough to reach out and grab the ideal.
I get tired of trying.

But there’s beauty in the truth.
Reality is, that no matter how much striving, chasing, working, trying I do today
I am never going to get “there”

Peace is knowing that Someone has a plan
That He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him
That I’m guilty, yet I have nothing to hide

There is rest in the completed work of Jesus.


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