Sorority Girls Promo

(My little sister, Devan, is second from the left in the gray suit)

Well it looks like I won’t be viewing my little sister’s reality TV debut until the new year when she gets some DVDs of the show.  Maybe I’ll get them soon enough that I can have a mini-marathon that will distract me during the last couple weeks of pregnancy.  That would be nice.

Currently, the show is only set to air in the UK, but I’m still crossing my fingers that a US network picks it up.

In the previous post I made about the show, the network removed the promo video from the link.  Boo.  But, they just produced a new one.  So here it is:  Sorority Girls Promo Video.

It was interesting talking to Devan about the filming of the show – like what parts are scripted and what parts are authentic “reality.”  If I could choose any reality TV show to go on I think it might be The Amazing Race, Couples Edition because I think Jon and I could tear it up out there.

What about you?  What reality show would you audition for, if any?  Or would you just create your own show?


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