Central California VS. The Abyss

This time of year, the contrast between my hometown of Spokane, Washington and my current town of San Luis Obispo, California couldn’t be more stark.  In Spokane, windshields need scraping in the morning, clouds of white steam billow out of people’s mouths when they speak and  brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow cover the ground and the trees.

In San Luis Obispo, the air is crisp – but not too crisp – the sun is still shining and the majority of the leaves remain green.

I miss the initial beauty of fall in Spokane, but as fall fades to winter, to me, the beauty gets blotted out by the bombarding cold that comes and then lingers too long.

I took a walk the other day from my apartment to Laguna Lake.  (Laguna means “lake” in Spanish, so the literal name for this body of water is Lake Lake.)  I wore shorts, and for the first time, I slung my camera over my shoulder and decided to turn it into a photo walk.  So, in San Luis Obispo, here’s what we call “fall”…


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