Blackstrap Molasses As A Coffee Substitute

I should clarify up front: coffee is amazing.  I have a love relationship with coffee.  There is no REAL substitute to a nice hot cup of Joe.  However, since being pregnant, my relationship with coffee has been more distant and I’ve had to settle for decaf (ewww!) when I visit Starbucks.  Painful, but worth it.

At my last appointment with the midwife, she was telling me about this stuff called Blackstrap Molasses.  One tablespoon has 20% of your daily iron and 20% of your daily calcium.  So she suggested mixing one tablespoon into boiling water and drinking it like tea.  So I did.

It’s not my favorite drink, but I like it enough that it’s a good way to get some extra nutrition and get my hot drink fix in the mornings.  The 15 oz bottle was around $5 at my local health food store.

Just passing along the information love.


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