I Still Blog, I Promise

Forgive me.  I haven’t completely forgotten about my blog.  In fact, I think about it quite often, I just haven’t been writing very much.  Part of the reason for my absence is because I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get all my last minute pre-baby errands completed.  Jon went out of town last weekend to visit his parents in Colorado and I used it as an opportunity to clean EVERYTHING…again, to go to Target, Costco, then back to Target because I forgot something, then CVS, then the grocery store, then pack my hospital bag, then cook some frozen meals, then…you get the picture, right?  I know that it’s unlikely that baby Cameron will arrive in the next couple weeks, but it is possible, which in my mind means that I’ve got to be ready.  Technically I have 5 weeks left, but 3-7 is a more realistic range and my oh my, 3 weeks just sounds SO SOON!

The other reason as to why I’ve been a bit light in my blogging is because I haven’t felt that I’ve had much to actually blog about lately.  I mean, I could give you a complete list of everything I’ve been doing to prepare for baby, or I could tell you how my mind has been hijacked and literally all I think and talk about anymore is babies and things related to babies…

but I haven’t wanted to bore anyone or necessarily give anyone a free pass into the chaos of my mind.  A lot of my free time has been spent researching or thinking/reading about some decisions Jon and I still need to make regarding Cameron and I don’t think I want to blog about these decisions up front because like I’m learning, every person I talk to has a different take on what is best, so I know we just need to make the best decisions we can for our family and trust that God has got everything under control.

I’m probably making everything sound a bit more dramatic than it actually is.  In the midst of this fervent preparation I have been able to experience some amazingly calm and relaxing moments just daydreaming about what is ahead and appreciating these last weeks of before-baby.  I’ve gotten to enjoy some extra baths, take time to journal and read, and on Saturday while I cooked, I watched a marathon of this new show I discovered called Tia & Tamera.  Remember the twin girls from the show Sister, Sister back in the 90s?  How could you not!

Well they have this new reality show chronicling Tamera’s wedding and the birth of Tia’s first child.  So, like I mentioned, since the show had a lot to do with BABIES, I was clearly very interested.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing more about this whole transition into motherhood.  I know that once I have Cameron, the frequency of my blogging will likely be a lot more scarce than it has in the past, but I hope to be able to keep sharing some stuff along the way.



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