Cameron’s Nursery

The final countdown is here!  I’ve got 10 days until my due date, I’m officially on maternity leave and I have nothing left to do but just wait around, try to relax and I guess maybe make a couple freezer meals next week if I can muster up the motivation.

Cameron’s nursery is completed.  We painted one wall light blue (don’t tell our landlord) and after months and months of searching Craigslist I finally found a comfortable rocking chair, which was the final piece needed to complete the room.  In the evenings I like to leave the paper lamp on in his room because it gives the whole room a warm, glowy look.  And when I walk by the doorway, sometimes I just stop and stare inside the room because it looks so peaceful.

There’s been much talk about what little Cameron will look like when he’s born.  Jon’s newborn picture is on the left and mine is on the right.  Jon looks like your typical all-American baby and I think I look Mexican.  So curious to finally see what our little guy will look like!


4 thoughts on “Cameron’s Nursery

  1. Lovely, Lovely nest to welcome your little one to the world…Wish we lived closer…We can’t wait for your first trip to Spokane with him. Love, Love, Love, The Bellefeuille Family

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