Baby Boy Is One Month Old

Today my baby boy is one month old!  The past month has been an incredible whirlwind and today is the first day in a long time I’ve even thought about writing.  I feel like I have a lot to write about, but just no time to do it.  We’ll see if that changes anytime soon.  Probably not.

Cameron was born on Sunday, January 15th at 11:18am.  He came at the perfect time…I had one full week of maternity leave from work to enjoy, the 49ers had just won their game against the Saints that sent them to the Championship game the same day my labor began, my best friend was set to arrive in SLO on the evening of the 18th and Jon’s Monday class had been canceled due to a holiday.  Not that anytime he arrived would have been a ‘bad time,’ but he literally came in the perfect little window of time.

The past month has literally flown by as I’ve spent more time just sitting on the couch staring at someone than I ever thought possible.  Something that I’m noticing at one month old is that I think Cameron was destined to be a California baby.  So far, the things he seems to love most, besides eating and sleeping, are the sun, the bath and heat.  If I walk outside with him during the day he will throw his head back to face the sun, close his eyes and relax his arms at his side making it look like he’s sun tanning on a beach.

I can’t wait to see how more of his personality unfolds.  So far I might describe him as content, intense, stubborn (aka: strong willed/determined) and strong.  And I can also already tell he’s going to have some pretty great facial expressions (something that believe it or not I actually specifically prayed for because I absolutely love babies that are very expressive).

So happy one month Cam!  You are the sweetest baby and you’re better than we ever even imagined!

Cameron at less than a week old


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