Is (hot) Pink Really Just For Girls?

Is (hot) pink really just for girls?

                                        Not if it’s hidden underneath your clothes!!! 


Today was Cam’s first cloth diaper experience.  So of course, I put him in my favorite cloth diaper: the flourescent pink one!

(Try not to judge me.  I bought these diapers second hand from a friend who had a girl.)

When Jon got home from work and I showed him the pictures he said, “You’re not going to put that on Facebook are you?”  He was appalled that our son would be publicly displayed in hot pink.

But I told him, “It’s just a diaper Jon.  It’s not like I bought him a dress.”  (Right?  Is anybody with me?!)  Boy clothes are so boring compared to baby girl clothes so I gotta have a little fun somewhere along the way!

So here you have it: Cam in a pink diaper.

I personally like it.  A lot.

On the other hand, I am not feeling so positive about cloth diapering in general.  It’s a great idea in theory, but since I share two washing machines with thirty five other people that are located seven doors down, and laundry hours are just from 8am – 10pm, and because there is no pre-soak or other upgraded settings, and because I’m gonna have to wash these things every other day…I keep wondering, “What was I thinking???”

Hopefully all will go well and in a few weeks I’ll be raving about how I’ve mastered this new challenge.  Hopefully my neighbors won’t see me dumping poopy diapers in our communal washing machines…

But, on another note, I took the most amazing picture of my son today!  Somehow I lucked out and had the camera on the perfect settings.  If I had Photoshop I could probably make the color pop even more, but don’t his eyes look so spectacular!?


2 thoughts on “Is (hot) Pink Really Just For Girls?

  1. You and your son are so adorable 🙂
    Way to go trying the cloth diaper venture…perhaps a diaper service? Not sure how much those things cost…might be more expensive than it is worth, but just a thought 🙂

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