One of the perks of being at home with a baby is that I get to listen to music all day long.  In fact, if we’re friends on Facebook, I’m sure you’re getting up to the minute detailed reports about what I’m listening to on Spotify.  (Seriously, how do you turn that embarrassing function off???)

So a couple weeks ago when my friend Sean Dee handed me a copy of his band’s new album – before anyone else had a copy, mind you – I went home, made a hot chai latte and had a little listening party with myself and baby Cam.

Citizen is one of my favorite bands.  They are like a mix of Switchfoot, Coldplay, U2, The Afters and NEEDTOBREATHE…if you can imagine such a combination.  And since I am a self proclaimed “word nerd” I can really appreciate the depth of their lyrics.

Me and Jon talk about this every time we go to a concert together.  Afterwards, on the walk back to the car, he will start talking about the sound of the guitar solos and the togetherness of the music.  I will then look at him with a blank expression and say something to the effect of, “But what about the lyrics??  Didn’t you love how that one song talked about ____?”  Then Jon will look back at me with his own blank expression and basically admit that he didn’t pay attention to any of the lyrics whatsoever.  After the initial shock wears off, I roll my eyes and wonder how Jon could possibly appreciate life without experiencing the bliss of really good metaphors and alliteration in songs.  We really are two separate peas living in the same pod at times.

So anyway, I can really appreciate the lyrical depth in Citizen’s songs.  My favorite song, Restart, describes exactly how I felt when I moved down to San Luis Obispo after graduating college.  In fact, that song makes me tear up nearly every time I hear it still to this day.

After listening to the new record on repeat, I decided it was worth blogging about.  In fact, it’s so good that I recommend – wait no, in the words of Jack Bauer: “I implore you, in the strongest terms possible” to have a listen for yourself at

Sorry, on a 24 kick lately.  Anyway, enjoy the music!

**For anyone who may be worried, the picture with Cam was just for fun.  I don’t actually submit him to loud music through headphones.  

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