The Best Canned Soup Ever (according to me)

Okay, this might be the dumbest blog post ever, but here it goes anyway:  (with an introduction like that, you’re probably dying to keep reading, right?)

I’m only sharing this with you because little Cam is sleeping  and I have twenty minutes before I have to leave the house for Bible Study and I just felt like blogging.  So I’m going to blog about soup.

But not just any soup.

My most favorite out-of-a-can soup that there is!

Growing up, since my mom was a single mom, she had to prepare meals that were super quick and simple.  So we had a lot of pasta and Cheese Dreams and Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup.

Bean with Bacon soup was one of my and my sister’s favorite meals growing up.  It held the same kind of comfort food status as Kraft macaroni and cheese.

To make it, all you do is dump the can of soup into a pot, add a can of water and wait till it’s warm and bubbly.  Then, before you serve it, throw in a handful of cheddar cheese chunks that will get all melty in the hot soup.  (The cheddar cheese is what takes this soup from a 1 to a 10!  Without the cheese, it really is just kind of blah.)

Jon isn’t a big fan of this soup, but then again, he isn’t a fan of mac & cheese either, so his opinion doesn’t really count on this one if you ask me.

And it’s like a dollar something a can, so you can’t really beat that!  I always keep a couple cans of this soup in my pantry for nights when I have zero motivation to cook dinner…

…like tonight…

…which is maybe what made me think to blog about canned soup…

The End.


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