Clutter, Chaos and Beauty

Yesterday my home was organized.  Yet, with Jon having homework to do last night and Cameron staying up late to party, today it is a mess.  It still amazes me how these days my home can go from pristine to clutter and chaos in just a few hours.  When it was just me and Jon, it was fairly simple to keep things picked up and cleaned up.  I used to pick one evening out of the week to do the cleaning.  Now, it seems like everyday the event of cleaning my home and doing household chores begins.  It’s a race everyday to see if I can get things picked up by the time I go to sleep at night.

But, I’m already learning that this is not a race I can win every day.

One of the best things I’ve ever read on a blog is this: “I keep a home, I don’t manage a museum.”  So true.

I think one of the deceptive things about blogs is that most of the time people tend to blog about the good, interesting and perfect things happening in their lives.  I know I do.  Partially because who wants to air their dirty laundry online for everyone to see?  And similarly, who wants to go online and listen to other people gripe about their problems?  However, I think that sometimes blogs can create this sort of smoke screen that doesn’t accurately capture real life.  Blogs make people’s lives look more perfect and pretty than they really are.  Example:  I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to make a recipe or a craft that I’ve seen on Pinterest and it’s come out looking NOTHING like the picture I originally pinned.

In fact, just last week I was looking through a new blog I’d found when I just had to close my laptop and walk away.  The blog was so cute and I was enjoying reading it, but after a little bit my thoughts started spiraling.  I started wishing that my blog could look as cool as hers… and I could be as cool as her….and my kids could be as well dressed as hers… and my pictures could be as good as hers…but I don’t have Photoshop…so my pictures will never be that good…and so why do I even blog if my blog is just going to be lame??!! and….that’s when I had to close the laptop and just walk away.  Blogs should inspire you to make the most of your life, not make you wish you had someone else’s.

So anyway, all that being said, today I am sharing with you my clutter, chaos and the beauty of it all.  It’s beautiful because the reason for the mess is that I was up late taking care of a beautiful baby boy.  And instead of picking up, I was making my husband coffee and a study snack since he had to be up late too.  And then when Cameron finally went to sleep, I decided that I would probably be a better mom today if I just got some sleep myself and worried about the mess tomorrow.  So that’s what I did.

And I still haven’t cleaned it up because now I’m blogging…

Laundry pile left over from last night…

Cameron’s day-old bath water…

Where’s the other shoe?  And why is there a stapler next to my changing pad?

Bottle from last night that Cameron would’t drink.  We’re still trying to get him used to taking a bottle as needed, but sometimes he still refuses.

Some things I keep tripping over on the stairs…

Some shirts air drying on the banister because I didn’t feel like getting out the drying rack for just two items…

Cam’s room

Don’t even get me started on my closet…you’re lucky I’m only showing you the bottom half of it… 🙂

The hamper and the pants I bought online and still need to return.  I’ve conveniently hid them behind the swing we don’t use and the exersaucer…

And baby Cameron…still napping just outside the bathroom from when I took a shower


3 thoughts on “Clutter, Chaos and Beauty

  1. I like it. I’ve thought about posting my mess so many times. I’m really glad you did. We should start a Monday mess-day tradition or something!

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