Young Life Banquet

We are finally home.

It’s almost midnight and Cameron is still wide awake.

There are pots, pans, dirty plates and silverware, chafing dishes, coolers and left overs all over our apartment.

Tonight Jon catered a Young Life banquet.  We spent Saturday and Sunday shopping and prepping food and today was the big day.

Catering is a wild ride, but it’s what my husband loves to do and it’s his dream to have a full time catering business someday.  I know he will because he’s extremely gifted at cooking for large amounts of people and he’s currently in school learning about business.

It’s funny though, because we have yet to cater an event at a venue that makes sense.  Have you ever seen the show Dinner Impossible? Somehow all our events end up being a little like that.

But these crazy events make memories that I will never forget:

  • Rushing to the store when we forget something important
  • Forcing my husband to drink a glass of water halfway through the day so he doesn’t get a headache
  • Transporting big pans of food to the event site
  • Coming home and collapsing on the couch
  • Spending the next week washing and putting all the catering equipment back into our storage unit (actually, I really hate this part)
  • Seeing my husband do something he loves to do

The picture above is the only picture I managed to take today.  I was supposed to take lots of really good shots of the food with our nice camera, but as usual, once things got rolling I didn’t have a second to spare and taking pictures ended up at the bottom of the priorities list.

Someday I will have great pictures to share from Kidwell Catering, but for now they are just still-frames in my mind.

But trust me, the food was amazing!


2 thoughts on “Young Life Banquet

  1. You guys are amazing!! You guys were amazing at our wedding, and both my relatives and Robbie’s relatives were talking about how good the food was the next day. You guys were such a blessing that day and it was so nice to be able to not have to worry about any of it. I hope you continue to receive opportunities and you have a easier venue one of these days. Feel free to use us a reference if the need ever arises. The Nadalskys love the Kidwells!!

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