Cloth Diapering Tips

I’ve been cloth diapering for a few months now and let me say that it does get  easier with time.  When I first started using cloth, I really wondered how I was going to find the time for it, but after a few weeks it just became part of the normal routine.

However, when I was first starting out, I had a bazillion questions about which products to get and what to use.  I don’t know if the way I do things is the best way, but I figured I’d share a few things in case someone else wanted to get started with cloth diapering and wanted to know what I do.

Diaper Pails

These white diaper pails are actually paint buckets from Home Depot.  (Around $3 each).  The large pail on the right is for wet, pee only diapers.  The smaller pail on the left is for the stinky ones.  Since they’re technically for paint, the lids seal tightly and keep the smell completely trapped inside the pail.  And they’re pretty cute in a nursery if you ask me!

About an hour before I do laundry I will fill up the stinky pail with water from our hose and let the diapers soak.  (If you have your own washer/dryer you can probably just do a “Cold Soak” cycle and avoid this step, but because I share a washer/dryer with my apartment complex I have to do the pre-soak step myself.)

Wet Bags

When we’re on the go I use this wet/dry bag from Planet Wise.  In the front zipper I can keep clean, fresh diapers and in the main zipper is where I put the dirty ones.  The lining in the main pocket is waterproof so nothing will leak out of the bag.  Then once I’m home, I transfer the dirty diapers into the diaper pails until I’m ready to do laundry.

Reusable Wipes and Homemade Wipe Solution

If you’re using cloth diapers, you might as well buy some reusable wipes.  Most of the ones you can buy are just flannel (lots available on Amazon, but I bought mine at a local baby boutique.  They were the same price as Amazon so I wanted to support the local shop.)  I’ve also heard of some people making their own.  However, I don’t sew so I just bought mine.

People gave us a lot of wipes as gifts, so I usually just use the cloth wipes for changing a pee diaper and I save the disposable wipes for when it’s stinky or for when we’re out and about.

Making homemade wipe solution is really easy.  The recipe I use is pictured above.  I bought this little squirt bottle at Target for $1.50 and whenever the solution runs out, it only takes a minute to make another bottle.

Laundry Soap

There are a ton of all natural laundry detergents available nowadays that you can use to wash your cloth diapers.  I spent way too long researching stuff online.  In the end I went with this one.  No special reason why.  Honestly, I think I just liked the look of the container.  🙂


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