This Little One…

We packed up our stuff and our little one, hopped on a plane and went to Colorado for a week to spend time with family and to see Jon’s sister get married.  The wedding was beautiful.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past week…

This little one is someone’s husband

This little one will someday have his own children

This little one will have to make his own life choices

And these things are all shaping how I think about him, how I treat him and how I invest in him now.


2 thoughts on “This Little One…

  1. Love your thoughts Erin…This is a lovely and proper way to think of your little guy. Blessings on him and you as you raise him up well.

  2. I so agree with Lisa’s comment. I always raised my son with the thought that I was not just raising a boy, but a man. I wish you and Jon much grace and wisdom as you usher Cameron into manhood day by day. And I pray that he will one day choose Jesus.

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