Inspiring Marriage Video

Tonight Cameron made it to bed a little early (only to wake up an hour later – but that’s not my point) so I got to go to Better Wives Club with a handful of my friends.  The new book we are going through is Love & Respect by Emerson and Sarah Eggerich.

At the end of the meeting we watched a really amazing video about marriage that left us all pretty speechless.  It really puts things into perspective and makes the fact that your husband didn’t make the bed this morning seem completely irrelevant.

If you have 8 minutes to spare, this video will help you be a better spouse and lover of Christ.

Watch the video: The Story Of Ian and Larissa

Also, if you’re engaged or married, maybe consider starting your own Better Wives Club.  It’s a great way to intentionally grow in your role as a wife.  Or, if you’re single, maybe you can start a Future Wives Club where you intentionally focus on what you can do now to prepare yourself for marriage.  Either way, marriage is such a gift from God that is worth investing in both before and after you’re married.


One thought on “Inspiring Marriage Video

  1. That was a beautiful & amazing testimony of God’s grace. Thank you for sharing this, Erin. (leaky eyes for this wife of 30 years)

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