Quinoa Salads

A while back I posted about Chopped Kale Salad.  While it’s extremely healthy and delicious, it’s also a lot of work.  So lately, I’ve found myself with a new healthy salad love: quinoa salad!

Jon and I have been having it for lunch for the past couple weeks and its been a nice break from sandwiches.  I just make my quinoa in the rice maker and then stick it in the fridge after I add some more ingredients.


It’s similar to chopped kale salad in that you can make a big batch of it on Monday and it will last you through the week…

It’s more fun than having a green salad every day for lunch (because honestly that’s pretty boring)…

I’ts a great way to make sure you’re eating a good amount of good stuff every day…

AND…I just found out from a friend that you can buy quinoa at Costco (score!), which makes this meal even more affordable.


Here’s the easiest recipe I’ve tried: Simple Salad

Here’s one of my favorites: Mediterranean Salad

Here’s a fresh, summer one: Summer Salad (although because of a lot of “soft” ingredients, this one can’t be made altogether ahead of time.  But it’s really yummy)

There’s plenty of combinations I haven’t tried yet, so if you just google quinoa salad recipes you’ll be sure to find a bunch of good sounding ones.

Since quinoa doesn’t really have much flavor on it’s own, it takes on the flavor of basically whatever you add to it.  I also like adding some cubed chicken breast to my qunioa salads to make them more filling.  Or if you want to try some breakfast or dessert quinoa, just add a little butter, brown sugar and cinnamon along with some nuts and fruit.


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