Tuesday, July 10 Twenty Twelve

It’s 10:30pm.  I should already be in bed, but I feel like my day is just finally winding down.

After our morning routine,  I took Cam over to a friend’s house to play in the baby pool.  The babies enjoyed the cool, shallow water while the mommas supervised, wishing there was room in the water for us as well on this warm day.

Having friends with babies around the same age nearby is a blessing and one I don’t overlook.  I think being a mom would feel harder if it weren’t for other moms nearby.

On the way to the church to help out with the free clothing ministry, I stopped by the library to return a book.  The book was due today.  Like really due.  I’d already renewed it the maximum of three times because that’s how long it takes me to read a book nowadays.  With Cam contently sitting in his car seat, I finally read the last few pages.  When it comes to books and movies, I tend to say that the most recent work of art I’ve seen or read is my favorite, and this time was no different.  At the moment, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller is my new favorite book.  I would really like to sit down in an artsy coffee shop and have a conversation with Donald Miller about whatever was on his mind.   I think we could be great friends.

Once at the church, we folded clothes and placed them on plastic fold-out tables.  Later on, families would arrive to shop for free clothing and pick up a box of free food from the Food Bank that volunteers at our church had put together.

On the way home, Cam fell asleep.  After missing his mid day and afternoon nap I knew I should have headed home earlier to get him to bed.  We both paid for it later when he jolted wide awake wired and fought sleep as long as he possibly could.

While Jon cooked up some pasta and a homemade pasta sauce from random ingredients he found in our pantry, I swirled around cloth diapers in our bathtub.  I felt like a Colonial woman washing her clothes in the river.  This morning I had begun the process of “stripping” the diapers.  During this process I wondered why I even bother dealing with my child’s waste after it leaves his body.  But I have my reasons, so I continued to swirl the diapers around in the hot, vinegar bath.

At 9:00pm Jon and I sat down to eat our dinner.  We have a kitchen table, but we sat on the couch instead, watching last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.  Jon used to strongly dislike this show, but after a handful of seasons he’s come to a place of tolerating it.  I’ve always liked it because whether the relationships work out in the long run or not, it’s exciting to cheer on love.  And this season especially, the bachelorette is classy and I like that.

And now, at 11:15pm, after writing this, I am contemplating whether or not I am actually going to brush my teeth tonight.  Sounds gross, but it’s just the honest truth.  Sometimes after a full day, brushing my teeth can feel like hiking a steep hill and sometimes it’s just easier to fling myself into bed with the satisfaction that I got to cut one corner today.  I washed diapers ten times over and therefore my reward is to go to bed with dirty teeth.



One thought on “Tuesday, July 10 Twenty Twelve

  1. There you have it; a day in the life of a mom. Teeth are not always brushed. I like to cheer on love, too! I wish Emily would have chosen Shawn.

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