Chocolate Coconut Brownies

I made up a new recipe tonight by mistake.

I’ve had a bag of Ghirardelli brownie mix in my pantry for over two years now.  But it’s okay because those ingredients don’t go bad very quickly, right?

Tonight I went to make them.  But after cracking the egg and adding the water I realized that I was out of vegetable oil…NOOOOOO!

So instead, I decided to substitute with Coconut Oil.

The result: an Almond-Joy brownie!  I even just happened to have some shredded coconut in my pantry to sprinkle on top.  It’s not an extreme coconut flavor, but it’s a nice, subtle twist on your average brownie.  And super duper easy!

To finish it off, you could place a whole almond or sprinkle sliced almond pieces on top.


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