Kale Cubes

Making baby food for Cameron has inspired me to eat a little healthier I think.  Basically, Cameron, and all babies, only eat the best of the best foods during their first year of life.

So I’ve been cooking a bit more based on Cameron’s menu.  The other night I cooked yam strips for me and Jon for the first time instead of regular potatoes.  And I’ve been using plain wh0le milk yogurt with fruit instead of yogurt that is sweetened with sugar.  And of course, all this balances out the delicious, but not so nutritious, Snickers bars and french fries that I eat on a regular basis as well.  Baby steps people, baby steps.

So, earlier this week I spent a whole day making baby food for Cameron that I can freeze.  My step-mom got me a Cuisinart hand mixer that works perfectly for making baby food as well as smoothies.  So, in the process of making baby food, I decided to make something for myself.

Here’s what I did:

1 bag of kale (Trader Joe’s has an organic, pre-washed and ready to use bag for about $4)

Add some water.



Result: Kale Cubes that are easy to defrost and throw into a smoothie

**I suggest doing small batches of kale and water or your mixer/blender will get clogged up.  Add some kale and water, then blend.  Then add a little more kale and water, and blend.  Repeat until you’ve blended as much kale as you want.


It’s like the easiest way ever to get an extra serving of greens in your day!

The smoothie recipe pictured:

Berry, Berry Kale

frozen raspberries
frozen strawberries
apple juice
plain whole milk yogurt
kale cube
flaxseed flakes



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