Family Vision Statement

My cell group leader, Hannah, is not only a great teacher and mentor, but she’s a killer graphic design artist.  For Christmas last year, she made every person and family in her cell group these vision statement cards.  Obviously, each person’s said something slightly different that represented their unique passions and talents.

We display ours in our living room, so that we’re constantly reminded of the deeper truth and desires of our family.  It is especially helpful to glance at on days where dishes, chores, etc., etc. feel like they are taking over.  For me, this vision statement is also a good reminder that relationships and people are what is most important in life – not productivity/perfectionism, which is something I can naturally gravitate towards.

Hannah also made one for each of her two kids and printed them as posters to hang over each child’s bed.  I wish I had pictures to show because they look really cool and her kids love them because the posters represent who they are, what they’re good at and their dreams about what they want to become.  (I seriously think she needs to open an Etsy shop and sell these because what kid wouldn’t want their own personalized dream poster?!)

Anyway, what’s your personal or family vision statement?  Or what words do you display around your home to inspire and encourage you?


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