5:15pm Wrestle Time

My favorite time of the day might just be when my husband walks in the door after work.

A few minutes after he does, my son becomes a ferocious little lion cub and Jon becomes the coolest person in the world to Cameron.

A few times I’ve tried wrestling with Cam and while he will play with me a little, a lot of the time he looks at me slightly confused as to say, “Um, this is what I do with dad, not with you mom…”  Or before he does that, he will bite or pinch me and I will jerk away and immediately end the game.  Gah, I’m such a girl!

I’ve been reading Bringing Up Boys, and one of the things it focuses on most is the unique and important role of a father in his son’s life.  I had Jon read a couple pages of it the other night and afterwards he turned to me smiling and said, “So basically, I’m just really important!”

So true, so true and it’s fun to watch their unique bond develop even at 7 months old.



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