A Special Letter

I am writing a letter to someone I will not meet for many years (likely).

In fact, she might not even be born yet.

I hope she likes shades of pale pink, olive green and 70’s looking flower print.

I want this letter to be warm, heartfelt and genuine.  I want it to include specific scriptures I will pray for her.  I hope it will be meaningful.

I’m writing a letter to my future daughter-in-law, as crazy as that sounds.

Something I heard a handful of times in the childbirth class/mom’s support group I attended was this: “Have a daughter, have a friend for life.  You’ll have a son until he takes a wife.”

Gulp.  Whenever I heard this, my grip on Cameron got a little tighter.

I know this is true because even the Bibles says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife…” ~Genesis 2:24.

It’s God’s plan that little boys grow into men, become responsible and lead their own families.  Even if you don’t believe the Bible, most people will acknowledge that this phenomena is true; guys who continue to live at home and need their mothers to comfort them and take care of them even once they’re clearly able, are not usually considered to be great men or eligible bachelors.

So one thing I decided when Cameron was still in the womb: I am going to pray for his future wife.  I’m going to pray for Cameron’s relationship with her and I’m also going to pray for my relationship with her.

I hope we will be close and I hope I will be able to love and encourage her in a way that means something special to her.

So I’m going to write her a letter.  I haven’t quite decided what I should say yet.  How do you write something like this without sounding incredibly cheesy?

Most importantly I just want her to know that she was thought of and prayed for long before she ever met my son.  And that I already love her, no matter who she is.

Ahh, crazy to think that the little blob of cuddly soft baby who is upstairs in his crib wearing monkey-printed pajamas and snuggled next to a velvety bunny rabbit is going to have a wifey someday…

All I know is that she is one lucky girl…my son is incredibly good looking!


3 thoughts on “A Special Letter

  1. One of my most cherished gifts from God is my son’s wife.

    I cannot say that I began praying for her when he was yet a baby, but I did begin praying as he moved closer to manhood. We were always so close, he and I, and I did not want that to ever be a hindrance to his future wife, or to him in “leaving and cleaving.” I didn’t want to be “the mother-in-law.” (sarcastic tone of voice implied) So I began praying not only for her, but for the grace to let my son go to be wholly hers…that there would be no, even unseen, ties that would create awkwardness or tension. Giving grown children this freedom is a gift that only we can give…or withhold.

    And I prayed that she and I would have a wonderful relationship too.

    God has answered my prayers like He usually does, giving more than I ever hoped or imagined. I love his beautiful wife as if she were my own daughter…and she loves me! And unconditional freedom to go has proven to be freedom to come back with joy and ease.

    I love that you are praying for your son. His wife will be doubly blessed.

    • I don’t want to be “the mother in law” either. In the birth class i attended i realized that for a lot of people, their mom in law relationship is a huge source of tension. I’m glad God answered your prayers and that you have a great relationship with your daughter in law.

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