The Healthy-All Natural-Organic-Responsible Consumer Trend

Some trends are not worth following.

Shoulder pads.  Yuck.

Sporks.  Um, no.

Thigh Master.  Dumb.

Wood-paneled sedans and flame decals on cars.  Why oh why was this ever a good idea?

Cake pops.  They are probably on their way out too.  (Why smash 400 calories into two bites???)  Sorry, cake pop lovers.

However, there is a current trend that I am absolutely loving.  It’s the trend that is infiltrating mainstream media and homes across America.  It used to be that only hippies, vegans and tree huggers were openly environmental and health conscious.  It used to be that only really crafty people were into reusing and refurnishing old things to make them new.  Now, the general public is consuming more responsibly, or at least trying to in some ways.  I love this!  Because it’s a trend that is actually good for people and good for the environment.

On Monday, San Luis Obispo County (the county I live in) implemented a plastic bag ban.  The new ordinance bans stores from providing plastic bags for customers to use to carry out their purchases and charges customers 10 cents for each paper bag.  This means people must bring their own reusable bags to the store or start paying up when they check out.  Some people love it, some hate it and some probably still don’t know it happened.

This is just one example of a larger trend that continues to pick up steam.

I remember in the 90’s, the diet trend exploded.  As an insecure, body-image obsessed teenager I took notice.  Mainstream media promoted diet foods, sugar free solutions, weight loss programs, Atkins fanatics, etc.  Maybe this came about because the trend before that seemed to be the convenience trend.  Faster and easier was the key, so products like Hamburger Helper, Wonder Bread, Big Macs and Twinkies were the hit.

This is why I love the current trend!

I love going to the grocery store and seeing an increasing number of natural products and foods.  I love blogs that shed light on creative, yummy, healthy food recipes.  I love that the new trend is all about being educated about the science behind farming, food, plastics and chemicals.  It’s about knowing what’s in what you eat and understanding how products are made.  It’s an educational experience.

I will say that I’m more tuned into all this since my son was born in January.  Something programmed into every mother is the drive to protect and nurture her children.  New moms are always obsessed with one thing or another.  For my generation, the recovery of health, simplicity and wholesome families are some of our greatest pursuits.

I feel like I could write a lot about this topic, but I’ll choose to keep it brief.  I know many companies are capitalizing on this recent trend and are doing their part to scare us into going out and replacing all our food, home goods, cars, etc with more natural ones.  Industry is industry and profit is the goal.  However, I will say that thank goodness, at least if we are going to spend our money, it might as well be on an increasing number of things that are actually good for us!

I like that this trend is encouraging me to teach my children about eating healthy, being a good steward of God’s creation, asking questions that lead to a deeper understand of science and how things work, appreciating health over weight and appearance and accepting the responsibility to be a contributor to the betterment of society.  I like that this trend is encouraging me to bake some of my own bread once in a while and slow down enough to enjoy the process.  Or plant a small garden.

I’m not saying that everything I eat is organic or that my bed sheets are made from organic cotton.  Because they’re not.  But I am saying that I’m being influenced by this trend to make some lifestyle changes that I think will benefit myself and my family in the long run.

I don’t know, am I the only one who has picked up on this growing trend?  Have you made any changes in your lifestyle lately?  Can I get an amen?  Questions?  Comments?  Rebuttal?


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