How Cute!…Ouch He Bit Me!

This happy little moment was captured right before the cute ‘n cuddly baby bear bit me.

Once Cameron started crawling and pulling himself up to standing, one of his favorite activities became pulling himself up and biting into my leg, which was at his eye level.

When he started biting me while nursing I got into the habit of flicking his ear each time.  He quickly learned not to do it anymore.

But with this kind of biting, the ear flicking didn’t work.  Neither did flicking his mouth.  So after another mom told me it was okay, I decided to go with extreme option #3; biting back.

Biting has now decreased in our home by about 80%.

Don’t judge me.



One thought on “How Cute!…Ouch He Bit Me!

  1. Good to know! I have heard of other mom’s using flicking to stop biting while nursing. The biting back makes sense, I have heard of parents ending the tantrums of their toddlers by throwing a tantrum back at them. 🙂

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