Whistle While You Work

I woke up on this Monday morning to my mess from the weekend.

Jon spent the weekend trying to catch up on his statistics homework, so I spent the day Saturday with my friend Kaleigh and her son Everett who is five weeks younger than Cameron.  Kaleigh and her family will soon be moving out onto a ranch, so on Saturday morning, Kaleigh and I packed up the babes and headed out to the ranch to feed the horses.  Cameron got to pet his first horse: a brown one named Big Willy.  We ate some lunch and then with the boys strapped to us in their packs, Kaleigh drove us around on the ATV.  She is definitely a country girl at heart and one hard working mama.

Oh yeah, and I ate a maple bacon donut from SLO Donut Co on Saturday too.  It’s so good I wish I could explain to you how good it is.  If you’ve never been to SLO, it’s worth visiting here just to try this thing!

On Sunday after church, I took a much needed two and a half hour nap with Cameron while Jon did homework.  Then Sunday evening we got ready and raced over to the beach to attempt to take some Christmas card photos before the sun went down.  I have never sent out a Christmas photo and I’ve still not gotten around to Cameron’s birth announcement so this time around I’m starting early because I’m determined to change this pattern.  It was a beautiful night, but we now have some funny memories because it was quite stressful trying to get some good shots before it got dark.

Thus, because my weekend was void of any real housework, I’m greeted this Monday morning with a dirty kitchen, diapers that need to be washed, and an array of clutter along with long to-do lists.

Sometimes when I wake up to this scenario I instantly feel behind.  Like I will spend my day digging out of a hole just to get back to ground zero.  And sometimes that makes me feel, oh I dunno…bad?  Sometimes I resent the chores I have to do.  Sometimes I rush through them in hopes of getting around to something more meaningful later on…

But this morning my husband reminded me that there is great meaning and joy to be found in doing the simple things that serve my family.  Of course, having a cup of coffee with a friend may be more relaxing or enjoyable, but I can enjoy doing my housework.  I can spend all day talking to my Lord and taking lots and lots of breaks to play with Cam and attempt to make him laugh.  Being a wife and a mother is a great responsibility and it’s better to put away the dishes joyfully than to clank them around begrudgingly, right?

By the way, in the past few days Cam has started waving.  Oh my heavens it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

He has also started saying Mama and frequently yells out “Bah!”  It seems to mean a lot of things.

Last week it was in the 90’s in SLO, gah!  So far this week is off to a cooler start.  I love the California sun, but I’m ready for fall.


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