How Stories Intertwine

It’s funny how stories intertwine.  People’s stories that is.  Life stories.

When I was in college two 20-something guys moved to town – Pullman, Washington that is.  They came from Texas and they definitely had the accents so nobody was mistaken.  Josh and Drew.  They were really cool in my opinion and they came to town to start a church.



At the time, Pullman had a lot of churches, but not any that really felt like home (to me at least).  As a college kid I visited a lot of churches in Pullman and the surrounding area.  All great churches, but it was really easy to church hop throughout college based on where my current friends or dorm-mates were going because I never stuck to any particular church.  Probably because while I always felt welcome in the churches, I always walked away from a Sunday morning feeling like a visitor – never like I was a part of something.

So anyway, Josh and Drew showed up and they started talking about starting a church.  “But there are a lot of churches around here…so why start another one?” my brain asked.  They said they wanted to start a different kind of church.  I still wasn’t sure what that meant.

They spent their first year in Pullman talking to a lot of people.  Sharing their vision and hoping that people would align with that vision and want to join the team, so to speak.

At the time, I was already heavily invested in a campus ministry called CRU (formerly known as Campus Crusade For Christ).  So while I appreciated what they were trying to do, I guess I never really joined the team myself.

But a lot of people did.  Just a few at first, but more came later.

I did attend the church’s first ever service, in a nice modern event center.  The service was different than I’d experienced before.  It was artsy and maybe even a little bit hipster, years before anybody knew what hispter was.

Josh and his wife Amy.

See what I mean???

Josh played his guitar to lead worship and a guy named Keith shared a message.  It was good, but like I said, I never really got too involved during my time in Pullman.

I probably visited Resonate, that’s the name of the church, a few more times before I graduated, but really that was it.  Mostly, it’s been since I left Pullman that this church’s story has really caught my attention.  Because I left Pullman, but Resonate didn’t and it seems like many college students continue to find a home and find Jesus in this church and with these people.  I love that.  I’ve seen videos of baptism services online via social media and updates about things they’re doing and it’s amazing.  Because I remember when all of that was just an idea that two Texans came to town talking about.

Anyway, by now you might be asking, “Erin, how does this all relate to you?”  Well, two things:

One: It just so happened that Drew was the person who convinced me to buy a one-way ticket to California the day before I graduated.  Or I guess it was God through Drew, who convinced me to take that giant leap of faith, but you get what I’m saying.

It was the day before I graduated and I was working out on the main level of the student REC center when I ran into Drew.  I’d never bumped into him at the gym before, but that day I did.

Drew asked me if I had made a decision about California yet.  I regretfully told him that I had.  I told him that although the opportunity I had in California sounded great, I was going to be moving back home to Spokane and if somehow I got a job in California over the coarse of the next year, then maybe I would consider moving then.

Drew read my face and then said, “You don’t seem very excited about that,” (or maybe he said something else along those lines, but it’s been a few years so I don’t remember his exact quote there).

I told him I wasn’t, but that it’s what I needed to do for now.  Then Drew asked me two questions that literally changed my life.

He said, “Erin, if you take this big chance and move to California, do you think a few years from now you’d ever wake up and wish you hadn’t gone?

“No,” I said.  “I suppose if it didn’t work out I could always move back home.”

Okay,” he said, “Then what about this: If you move back home to Spokane, would you ever wake up one day and wonder what could have happened if you would have just taken this leap of faith?  Would you ever wonder what God could have done in your life if you would have just trusted him on this.”

I paused.

And then after inhaling a big breath I sighed and replied, “Every day of my life…”

“Well I think you have your answer then,” he said.

Shortly following that I began to cry and it probably appeared to those standing by that some guy was breaking up with me in the middle of the gym.  That felt awkward, but I didn’t care because God had just done something in my heart and I was still processing it.

So that was that.  I thanked Drew for his time and I walked up the stairs and pedaled on the elliptical machine for thirty minutes while I daydreamed about what California would be like now that I had decided I would go.

The rest is history.  It’s a long story, actually too.  But through this decision to move to California and follow’s God’s leading a lot of crazy things happened in my life.  The day after I moved to San Luis Obispo I met my husband and as soon as I arrived the Lord started healing all the deep places in my life that I had needed him to for so long.

Secondly: the reason for me sharing this story?  It just so happens that one of the guys I mentioned, Josh, just wrote and published his first book!  It’s called Saturday Nothing: The Words I Wrote While Waiting On Jesus.  If 3,095 people buy this book tomorrow it would make his self-published, Kickstarter funded book by a no-name author a best-seller… and that would be a cool story too!

I pre-ordered my copy months ago when Josh started his Kickstarter campaign.  Basically he wanted to reach his financial goal of $4,000 to fund his book over the coarse of five months or so.  But there was a huge response, he raised more than his goal in only 24 hours.  Then, the financial support kept pouring in and he ended up raising over $10,000.

Anyway, it’s a great story and you can read about his Kickstarter campaign here or check out his blog if you want to check out more of his writing.

But mostly why I’m sharing this is so you have the chance to hear about Josh’s book and can purchase it tomorrow on November 1st on Amazon and help make history.

I don’t know about you, but I love grass roots projects and it’s fun to see people’s dreams come true in bigger ways than they even imagined.  I think the heart of God is like that too.  Anyway, you should buy his book.

In some roundabout way, Josh and Drew’s decision to move to Pullman, Washington to start a church resulted in my decision to move to California.  Wow.  It’s amazing how stories intertwine.


4 thoughts on “How Stories Intertwine

  1. That’s really awesome, Erin. Love how God does that! Weaving us all together…. 🙂 Gonna look into his book too! I love how you said that, “it’s fun to see people’s dreams come true in bigger ways than they even imagined. I think the heart of God is like that too.” Just that little blurb actually really encouraged me. Reminded, again, that God is so personal and can be excited about life with us… Thanks for the share!

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