My (Crazy) Morning With The Boys

I was feeling under the weather this morning, probably because me and the Mr. keep going to bed after midnight which is suicide when you have a baby.  Plus I got a flu shot yesterday.  So my incredible husband came home after his class this morning so I could go back to bed for an hour.

Gosh I love him.

When I woke up, Mr. Marcus, the almost 3 year old I watch a couple days a week, was already here and ready to take on the day!  He had quickly discovered the new toy I picked up for Cameron yesterday.

I used to just think my only temptation was buying too many cute baby clothes, but we recently discovered the toy store next to Trader Joes too…but it’s ok!  As my husband likes to say, “I spend 40 hours per week just making money so we’ve got tons of it!”

One of my favorite things about having Marcus spend time in our home is that Cameron gets to interact with an older kid.  He loves watching Marcus play.

Since they’re both blondies, whenever I take them out in public together people always tell me I have two cute kiddos.

Marcus, being the generous young lad that he is, brought over his toy rat to share with us today.

It is possibly the most frightening toy I’ve ever seen!  So when Marcus wasn’t looking I stuffed the killer rat into a bag, out of sight.  Marcus said, “Where did the rat go?”  I replied, “Rats like to be in the dark and they don’t like to be bothered.”  Luckily he soon forgot about the rat.

Since I was feeling under the weather, I decided to let Marcus throw all the pillows on the floor and I helped him build Pillow Mountain. I never realized how many pillows I have in such a small room!  This wasn’t even including the 6 couch cushions too!  Then I went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee…

When I came back into the living room…

Marcus had decided to pull all the stuffing out of one of the couch cushions.


Since the damage was already done, I figured they might as well have fun with the “snow” for a while since either way we were going to have to pick it all up.

Cameron’s first time playing in the snow…it was warmer than he thought it would be.

“Watch Erin!”

“Marcus, make a mustache.”

“K, now make a  snow beard!”

“Here Erin!  It’s a snow ball!”

Cameron wasn’t so sure about all this.  This look pretty such says it all.

But hey, this snow stuff is a pretty tasty snack!

Little boys have so much energy.

Moments later, daddy Kidwell walked in the door for lunch.  He was not amused.

After a moment of silence he asked, “What happened?”

Daddy Kidwell is not an angry person.  In fact, I think I could drive his brand new truck (if he had one) into the ocean and sink it and he would be disappointed but he would still kiss me and tell me I was more important than a truck.

But there is something about stuff like this that makes daddy Kidwell get very quiet.  The only other time I’ve experienced this was when I thought it would be funny to throw an entire bag of mini marshmallows at him one evening while we were watching TV.  I thought it was hilarious.  I was just flirting.  Daddy Kidwell wanted to just go through the roof and I had to sincerely apologize.  It’s still one of my favorite memories though because I’ve never seen someone get so uptight about the possibility of mini marshmallows getting stuck underneath the couch and potentially attracting mice.

It was cute.  Like watching a big grown man fuss over a bee sting or something.

Anyway, Daddy Kidwell said, “Well, I’m glad you guys are having fun at least.”

And he brought with him my brand new iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first smart phone and I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!!

And yes, I’m still in my jammies.

What an eventful day!

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “My (Crazy) Morning With The Boys

  1. Wow! That is a super busy morning! Most times I miss nannying and then I see a blog post like this and am thankful for my two children and two children only! Definitely jelly of your new phone! Very cute! Enjoy 🙂

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