Living A Dream

Yesterday I got to experience my husband living out one of his childhood dreams.

We joined Chris and Megan and we road tripped up to San Fransisco to watch the 49ers play.  The babies got sat on by some great caretakers and all four of us got a day to eat nachos and hang out.

Ever since I met Jon he’s always talked about having great seats at a Niner game.  Two years ago I bought four tickets to surprise him with.  We went to a game.  But we sat second to last row behind the end zone with our friends Ryan and Kelli.  We couldn’t see anything happening on the field.  So we bought garlic fries and beer to entertain ourselves and watched a nice fellow nearby puke his guts out before getting escorted out by security.

Here’s a pic from 2010:

But yesterday we got to experience the game from some amazing, dream-like seats!  I had a blast because it was actually a great football game and lots of excitement in the last quarter and into overtime.  But yesterday what made me even more happy was to see my husband doing something he’s always wanted to do.

Such a serious game watcher…

Only problem is that now fulfilling his dream has inspired more dreams of experiencing  high qualityNFL bliss.

Hey, well, it never hurts to dream!


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