M Is For Materialism

In the past three days I’ve stumbled across the same theme three times. I think God is trying to get through to me.

First, I watched this movie on Saturday night with my husband. (Netflix)

Then, on Sunday I randomly read this article.

Finally, tonight I watched this documentary. (Netflix)

I suppose it’s fitting that the Lord keeps leading me, maybe not so subtly, to examine the topic of materialism in my own life, as we enter into the Christmas season. There have been a few times lately where I swear I’ve felt my soul rotting as I’ve shopped impulsively and acted out on greedy desires.

Family members: don’t worry, I am still buying presents this year!

But I have been very challenged in my own heart over the past few days. And it’s not just because I watched some movies and read an article. It’s because when I saw and heard these things it felt like God took a socket wrench to my heart. He made it all come alive and now I feel uncomfortable.

It’s like with anything, I know I could choose to tune out and distract myself and not really lean in and ask God to whisper a little bit louder to me. But what’s the point in following Jesus if I only listen to him when he tells me lovely, wonderful things?


*Documentary: Beware Of Christians. Highly recommend it, especially for young people.
*Article: A Word To The Young, by Paul Washer.
*Movie: The Joneses (R)


One thought on “M Is For Materialism

  1. I too find this time of year can be especially challenging. We become so distracted with massive external preparations; gift purchases, tree trimming, holiday decorations- all icing on the cake. But then we forget to bake the cake and prepare internally for the birth of Christ. And what are the ingredients for this internal preparation? For me, finding moments of silence amidst the cacophony of daily life provides the nourishment needed to recenter my heart and mind on God and release my egos attachments to material distractions. Love your post Erin and thanks for the reminder!

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