5 Awesome Tips

I’ve learned a lot of good tips over the little blogging hiatus I took.  Things that have helped me save money and added convenience to my life.  So I thought I’d share.  In no particular order, here are the tips:

Rubbing Alcohol = Make-Up Fixer

NARS Laguna bronzer open

I saw this tip on the Today Show one morning and I tried it with my Nars bronzer that I dropped a while back.  Worked like a charm!

If you have any kind of compressed powder make-up (eye shadow, powder, bronzer, blush) that has broken apart simply follow these steps to reconstruct it:

  1. Cover make-up with a cloth or plastic wrap and use a coin to smash the make-up into a powder, eliminating the large chunks
  2. Saturate the make-up with rubbing alcohol.  It should look like wet sand.  90% alcohol will dry faster than 70%, but either will work fine
  3. Press with the cloth-covered coin to compact the make-up
  4. Let dry.  Your make up will be one compacted piece again

If you want to see a step-by-step tutorial this YouTube video is really helpful.


Brown Sugar/Olive Oil Exfoliant

photo (42)

I will never buy an exfoliant again.  This on is all natural and makes your skin feel sooooo soft!  It’s pretty self explanatory.  Mix brown sugar and olive oil in some kind of jar or container.  Rub onto skin.  Rinse.  Done!  And it smells amazing too!

Or, as an alternative, before you throw away used coffee grounds, rub them over your hands.


Peppermint Vanilla Tea

photo (44)

This year I discovered Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea.  Oh my, it is delicious!  The bummer part: they only sell it for a short while before Christmas.  By the time I realized my deep, passionate love for this tea it wasn’t available anymore.  So I had to figure out how to concoct this delicacy myself.

photo (43)

I bought peppermint tea at the store.  Then I added some vanilla.  Not vanilla extract because that was too strong, but just vanilla flavoring.

The Trader Joe’s tea also had orange peel in it so next time I may add a little orange zest to my tea, but since I don’t always have oranges on hand, the peppermint with vanilla will do the trick.  Yum!


Freeze Minced Garlic

photo (46)

I don’t know about you, but I love garlic and I use it A LOT, but I dislike how it takes me so long to shell and chop it for each individual use.  So I bought a massive bag of shelled garlic at Costco for around $5.  Then I minced it.  Froze it into ice cube trays.  Cut it into smaller cubes.  Stored it in a ziploc bag and voilà!  Ready-to-use garlic for a year!  It’s similar to Trader Joe’s frozen minced garlic, but much more cost effective.

You can also do this with onions too!   This is next on my list to try since chopping onions doesn’t make my eyes water, but rather it turns my eyes into a raging river.


Keepin’ The Shower Clean

photo (45)

I saw this idea on Pinterest and it’s awesome!  Take one of these dish scrubbers.  Fill it with natural dish detergent and vinegar and keep it in your shower.  Use it occasionally to keep your shower clean and chemical free.

With a little one, this is a great time saver and way to keep his bathing area clean!


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