My All Natural Deodorant Regimen

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I recently switched from Dove antiperspirant to this new all natural deodorant regimen.  The potential link between breast cancer and antiperspirants has been bothering me for a while, so I finally made a change to put my worries to rest.  This solution is really simple and it is working much better than I even anticipated.

First things first:

  • After a shower, apply a thin layer of oil to your underarms

I actually moisturize my whole body after a shower with organic jojoba oil that I buy in bulk from a local health foods store.  I used to use olive oil (which is good too) but the olive oil doesn’t soak into the skin as quickly, so you’re left feeling oily for a good while after application   Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural oils produced by the skin which makes it absorb very quickly.  It’s actually used in most lotions and facial creams, etc. because of this property.  In my opinion, moisturizing with oil is great because your body actually absorbs nutrients from the oil.  Why?  Because the skin is the largest organ in the body.  I even use it on Cameron occasionally!

It is important to moisturize your underarms.  Some people don’t think to do this, but the skin in your armpits is still skin and if you don’t moisturize, it will become dry and crack like any other area of skin.  It is also especially important to moisturize this skin since we are constantly applying other things there.

Once you’re moisturized, the rest is easy peasy.

  • Spray on some mineral salts
  • Rub a bit of baking soda into the skin
  • Reapply baking soda as needed (or reapply both if you prefer)
    (I’ve only had to reapply once a day on occasion.  Most days I’m fine throughout the whole day, but everyone is different)  World Market, Target, Dollar Tree, etc. have lots of mini bottles and shakers or plastic containers that you could use to keep a bit of baking soda in your purse or at work.

I’ve been using this regimen for a week now and so far my armpits have been smooth (no baking soda clumps) and smell-free.  I sweat a little more than I used to when I’m active, but from everything I’ve read on this topic, that is a very good thing.  I plan to continue with this, but if I make any improvements I will let you know!


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