Nothing Says Love Like Salad

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You may remember me doing a post a while back about chopped kale salad.  You may also remember that while it sounded delicious, it also sounded like a ton of work to make!  Both true.  So I wanted to share that I found a very similar chopped kale salad being sold at Costco.

Gosh, I love Costco.

It comes with poppyseed dressing, which I like to switch out for good ‘ol balsalmic and olive oil.  I also like to add sunflower seeds and maybe some chopped up italian parsley, but the salad is great on it’s own as well.

Also, I learned something recently about olive oil.  We had a rental car for a few days that had Sirus XM radio (so awesome!) and I listened to a program hosted by an olive oil expert.  He said that everyone should have two bottles of olive oil on hand at all times.  One should be a buttery, mild flavor used for milder dishes like fish, pasta, meats, etc.  The other one should be a grassy, more intense flavor used for salads.  I had never tried a more grassy olive oil on salads before, but after hearing that radio program I did and now I’m hooked!  It makes the salad taste SO much better!

So, maybe save this tidbit of advice for another day considering that most boyfriends and husbands out there may not be thrilled if you make them a kale salad tonight.


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