Taking Care of Kids

Thank you Charles Spurgeon for saying this.

Some days when I feel like, “All I did was keep my child alive today,” I feel tempted to discredit my day.  I didn’t really do anything.

But this is the voice of culture, not of God speaking.  My culture tells me that things like money, career, stability, fashion, automobiles, social outings, keeping busy, vacations and my social media presence are all more important than the simple and sometimes mundane tasks of giving my family quality care and my attention.  And honestly, some days those things sound a lot more exciting than the tasks  that can start to feel like drudgery if I’m not careful to keep a right perspective.

Despite what my culture tells me, there is great worth in God’s eyes when I invest my life into my children and my family.  While my kids are little ones, there is no greater priority than their care and upbringing.

If I invest now, I will reap the benefits later.

If I make other things my priority now, I will be investing later to try and undo the damage I did when they were young.

Today I am taking care of Cameron along with a 4 month old and a 3 year old.  Tomorrow I am doing the same thing.  The next 48 hours of my life are going to consist of diapers and sweeping crumbs off the kitchen floor, playing with toys and then picking them up again and again.  I hope to go on a walk this afternoon so we can all get some fresh air.

Right now there are many things that sound more relaxing, exciting and even possibly fulfilling, but Lord, help me make my home into a grand and glorious church where your Spirit can work among us.  Make my white-washed apartment walls glimmer and gleam like stained glass and may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O my God.


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