A Day At The Beach

photo (86)

Today was a beach day.

My Cameron is finally walking and therefore the beach has suddenly become less of a hassle and way more fun!  He’s not constantly trying to eat sand or rocks and he loves exploring the terrain!

We met up with a couple friends who also have young kids.  The kids poked around in the sand while we lounged in our chairs.  It takes a lot of planning and packing (and then unpacking) to get to and from the beach, so the prize is that small stretch of time of just sitting in a chair.

photo (87)

In the past week or so Cam has hit another turning point in his development.  My favorite new trick is that if I say, “Cam, can I have a kiss?” he will lean in and give me a quick one on the lips.  Sometimes it’s short ‘n sweet and other times he comes at me open-mouthed and I have to dart his slimy affections.  I can’t even begin to explain how much this occurance melts my momma-heart.

Tomorrow I am heading back to the beach with Cam and Marcus, the three year old I watch.  Since I went to all the trouble of packing up our beach gear today, I figured I might as well get a double use out of it before I have to wash the towels and put everything back in the closet.

If I ever move away from easy beach-access I think a little piece of my heart will die.



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