We Went Back To The Beach

photo (89)

Today was another beach day.

This time we took Marcus with us.

I watch three-year old Marcus two half-days a week.  I started watching him when Cameron was 6 months old.  I reluctantly took the job, mostly because we needed the money.  I had finally just come out of the newborn fog and I was nervous to complicate my life and increase my learning curve by adding another child.

But I did it anyway.

And it proved to be a great decision.

Marcus is a sweet kid and it’s been fun to share our home and our time with him.

Very recently I’ve also taken on watching a 4 month old boy named Brooke two days a week .  On Fridays I have all three and it’s a bit of a crazy town with three kids still in diapers and who all can’t feed themselves.

However, I’m happy for the effect I think it’s having on Cameron.  I like that he is learning to share his home, his toys and his mommy’s attention with other kids.  I hope this serves him well when a little brother or sister comes along and I hope it sets the tone for us having a home that is inviting to other kids and families.

It’s also obviously a great way to make some extra income while getting to spend time in your own home and with your own kids too.

I don’t think I will ever be opening up Erin’s Daycare Center because as much as I love watching other kids, I am still a creature of habit and order and I don’t like having all my stuff trampled under the feet of kids playing pretend.  But I’m thankful to the Lord that he has provided the right children at the right time for me to care for.

Today the boys spent two and a half hours just digging around in the sand.  I felt like I was watching grown men work on something…they would occasionally check out what the other one was doing, but mostly just dug in the dirt, side by side, without saying much.  Men…even as boys they are men.

I think the highlight of the day had to be watching a flock of seagulls descend upon the lunches of four teenage girls who had just gone down to the water.  When the girls noticed what was happening, it was too late and the seagulls carried away their ziplock bags full of Doritos and carrot sticks.  Hilarious!…I mean, so sad…

When the highlight of my day is not a poo explosion or conquering a mountain of laundry, it is a very happy day indeed.


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