A Very Funny Take On Pregnancy



The Kidwells are back from Maui.

Yep, Maui.

Not Vegas.

Thank goodness we knocked some sense into ourselves three days before we left and replanned our vacation.

I think I can safely say that we had 10,000x more fun in Maui than we would have in a place that is extremely toddler unfriendly.

Anyway, more on that to come…

What I got on my laptop for was to share with you a very funny perspective on pregnancy.  My friend Emily just found out she is pregnant with twins and thank God she has a blog and is blogging about the whole thing HERE  on her blog Anchor Wife because she is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Since sometimes pregnancy can feel so overwhelming and heavy (literally too) and so serious, I’m already looking forward to future blog posts she will write because I know she will somehow infuse so much laugh-out-loud-then-snort humor into her experiences.

So if you’re pregnant and need a laugh…or maybe you just like to laugh at pregnant women…then you should check out her blog.  It’s free.  So why not.

Update on me: we are still trying to get pregnant, or rather just not preventing pregnancy.  I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about the situation and searching for my own humorous approach as well.  With Cameron we made one little oops in our prevention methods and this time we have been trying for four months straight with no takers so far.  I keep realizing more and more that the situation is out of my hands and I just need to enjoy what I have going on right now, which I am very much.

Plus, a few of my friends are pregnant so it’s been really fun hearing about their experiences and celebrating or freaking out over things with them.  Living experiences through them is kind of like being pregnant myself without puking my brains out, which for now is not so bad.


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