DIY Lip Scrub

My husband’s most hated store, next to Forever 21 of course, is called Lush.

When you walk in, the smell of a thousand different scents of flowers, fruits and herbs rush up your nostrils, into your brain and they cause a section of your brain to capitulate.  For me, this is a lovely, very pleasurable experience.  For my husband, it is excruciatingly painful and he instantly starts gagging and complaining about his allergies.

But anyway, this lovely store, Lush, sells all sorts of handmade soaps, beauty products, make up, etc. etc. etc.  It’s heaven and I want to buy and eat the whole store.

So picture this: we are in Maui in the hip little town of Lahaina.  The ocean breeze is blowing, someone is playing a uke on a curbside bench, people are happily strolling around eating gelato and shaved ice and BAM!   I see Lush.  So I scurry ahead, duck into the shop and start smelling everything.

After a nice complimentary hand treatment from the sales associate, I am encouraged to try their Bubblegum lip scrub.  Tasty!  Just like candy!  Then I was encouraged to buy this nifty little lip scrub.  The sales associate explained to me how using a lip scrub before applying lip balm removes the dead skin cells and allows your lips to absorb the lip balm better and blah, blah, blah.

Um, no.

After checking the ingredients, the lip scrub was essentially an oil, course sugar, flavor and coloring that made it pink.

No matter how tasty, there ain’t no way I ‘m paying $10.25 for a tablespoon of yummy sugar and oil.

So I bought two of their lip balms, which are in fact amazing, and I stuck a little note in the back of my mind to remind myself to make some DIY lip scrub when I returned home.

The benefit of lip scrub:  It makes your lips makes your lips feel soft and smooth.  Helps lipstick last longer.  Increases kiss-ability factor.

Simple enough, yeah?

So here is my amazing, blow your socks off, one of a kind recipe:

Step 1:   Find jar
Step 2:  Put coconut oil and brown sugar into jar.  Mix.
Step 3:  Use it.  AKA: Scrub lips and lick off (or rinse)

And this tasty lip scrub will probably run ya about 25 cents per jar.

You’re welcome.

I even had my husband try my concoction to which he responded that it was fine, but asked if I could make some in bacon flavor.  Bacon grease and brown sugar anyone???  Mmm, breakfast lip scrub…


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