How To Stop Texting While Driving


I am guilty – it is really really hard for me not to text when driving.  I usually drive with my phone just sitting on my lap and I know it’s so bad, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore it.

But earlier this week my husband shared a really eerie news story with me that caused us to both make a pact with each other to knock it off.  The news story was about a guy who died mid-text.  He was driving along, texting his friend about something, lost control of the car and died.  When they found his phone, there was a half written text on the screen.  Obviously whatever he was typing wasn’t worth losing his life over.

But I have good news!  Something that can help you and me:

My husband and I discovered that wearing polarized sunglasses can help us be responsible drivers.

We found that when we wear polarized shades, it’s almost impossible to see anything on a texting phone or a smart phone screen.  So if we go to check our phone while driving, not being able to read the screen is a great instant reminder to put the phone back down.

Polarized lenses are usually a bit more expensive, but you can get a good looking pair for about $20-$30.  They are also better for your eyes than standard UV shades and the investment could save your life and others.

Another option is just storing your phone in a purse or in the backseat while you drive, although I’ve found this option to be less practical for me personally.

Tip: Polarized lenses are always labeled as polarized.  So if they don’t say “polarized” on the tag or sticker then they are not.  

Those “Hang up & DRIVE” bumper stickers are really ugly on cars, but it’s true, and texting is a whole lot more dangerous than just talking on the phone so we should all do the right thing and stop.

REVISION:  After posting this I discovered that all my claims weren’t true so I added this statement of revision.  


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