Finally Settled On A Homemade Deodorant

zappPhoto courtesy of Anchor Wife

Ok, this is my third and hopefully final post about deodorant.

My journey started here, with finding a store-bought deodorant in place of my antiperspirant.

Then my journey lead me here because someone at my local health food store recommended this regimen.

Now, finally, I’ve settled here.  With a homemade deodorant paste I found via Anchor Wife.  (Plus I added two drops of essential oil to create a scent that I loved).

Now I’m happy with what I’m using because it’s all-natural (to talc, no parabans, no artificial scents or colors), it smells good, it’s easy to apply in a paste form, and IT WORKS!

If you’re not into making your own, a company called Primal Pit Paste uses essentially the same ingredients – you’ll just pay a little more for them.


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