Kid’s Worship Music


Last week I was on a mission to find some kid’s worship music to start playing at home for Cam.

I started searching the web and found a bunch of stuff that made the crease between my eyebrows deepen.

I did stumble across some Hillsong Kids stuff, but I was thinking, “There must be more than this out there.”  So I put the question up on my church’s Kids Church Facebook page and within thirty minutes, botta-bing botta-boom!  Seeds Family Worship was the one to try.

cdThis is Volume 2, out of 7

I instantly loved it!  It had a fun, contemporary feel and reminded me of some good summer camp memories.  Each song is taken from a particular Scripture so as you sing you’re singing and memorizing Scriptures.  Good for me, good for Cam.

Had to share!

CLICK HERE to listen to 12 of their songs online.

Also, if you have any other recommendations for me to try, please leave a comment and let me know!



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