My First 10K


I am now officially addicted to running!

The pump-up music before the race.  Tons of people in brightly colored clothing buzzing around and smiling.  Strollers and iPods and little 8 year olds that I know are going to school me.  Then there’s the adrenaline that kicks in and running never felt so easy.

Last Saturday Jon and I ran our first ever 10K.  The race took place on a stretch of beach.  Waves crashing, fresh sea air and dogs playing in the sand…

Can you tell that I LOVED it!?!?

In fact, I already signed up for another 10K that takes place a month from now and on Monday I started training for a half marathon in July that takes place on the same beach.  If my knees hold up then I will definitely be doing it.


My friend Kristen, who is 20-something weeks pregnant beat us by about 8 minutes – crazy!  She’s a running machine!


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