My First Cleanse


A few weeks ago I decided to do a cleanse.  Mostly because of my caffeine addiction.  I LOVE coffee.  In fact, I usually love it about twice a day.  But what I don’t love is when I drink a cup and then want to take a nap – which is what had been happening.

So one day while I was in Costco doing my normal shoppy-shop trip where I go in to buy one item or two and I come home with twenty, I saw a pack of cleansing juice in the refrigerated juice section.  I suppose it was a moment of impulse, but I bought two.  One for me and one for my unsuspecting husband.  The juices didn’t expire until July so I figured we would have a few months to build up the courage to try a cleanse.

When I got home I looked at the booklet that came with the juices to figure out what I had gotten myself into.  The cleanse consisted of three days of preparation and three days of the actual cleanse.  So altogether it was a six day cleanse.

First 3 Days:

No caffeine
No alcohol
No animal products
No artificial ingredients or sweeteners


Last 3 Days:

Still keeping with the rules of the first 3 days, follow the meal plan and drink a cup of the provided juice three times per day.


I know that cleanses are not some kind of magic, but I will tell you that I’m very glad I did it.  It was my first ever cleanse and I really did feel better towards the end of it (the first few days were slow and painful without caffeine).  It also helped me realize just how much processed stuff I was eating and showed me how healthier alternatives are really very doable.  We loved the roasted beet salad recipe that was for lunch one of the days and I plan to make it again soon.

My husband lost about 7-10 lbs that week surprisingly (no working out, just diet change) and I lost about 2 which I have since put back on purposely cuz I ain’t need dis butt to get no skinnier.

So who knows if we will do one again or when.  I’m thinking it might be something good to do once or twice a year if I start feeling sluggish or need to get back on track with more healthy food choices.

Also, while doing the cleanse I discovered Dandelion Root tea.  It’s supposed to be good for detoxing and I actually loved the flavor!  Been drinking it occasionally ever since.  Yum.


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