Negative Pregnancy Tests and Running

I’m four weeks deep into my half marathon training with eight more to go.  Today I ran 7 miles, which is the farthest I’ve ever run without walking in my whole life.  I felt unstoppable and fierce.

I got another negative pregnancy test this month.  On Mother’s Day.  After being seven days late.  It was terrible timing, causing the day to feel bittersweet.

Since then I’ve cut back on nursing and will probably have to stop nursing all together if these next couple months are unsuccessful as well.  It seems maybe the nursing is affecting my ability to conceive.

So I’ve been running.  It’s the perfect waiting tool.  If I’m not pregnant yet at least I’m going to run the darn longest race I ever did run, right?  I might as well go into my second pregnancy in killer shape and with a strong resolve.

I’m trusting in God’s timing and perfect plan for our family.


And here’s a picture of a horse running because that is Cameron’s favorite animal right now.  He calls is a “wourse,” but he means horse.


2 thoughts on “Negative Pregnancy Tests and Running

  1. Running, or a new exercise routine, can throw off your cycle too! I always felt so much more appreciative of Mila every time I saw a negative test 🙂 You just get that much longer with only Cam!!

  2. I’m half way through my third week of training for my first half marathon 🙂
    Well done on an amazing run, keep blogging about your progress, I find it helps motivate me, and I’m excited to follow the progress of someone in the same boat training wise!
    Good luck with getting 2 of those blue lines soon 🙂

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