Kid’s Church Is Inspiring Me


Last week I attended a meeting about the Kids World ministry at our church.  Many college students and young adults gathered to hear about the heart of Kids World and to go over the classroom policies.

I left feeling so inspired.

Some people have grown up experiencing Sunday School as a boring or irrelevant thing.  A time when you’re simply taught to be nice and do the right thing and say you love Jesus.  So it was moving to sit in a room full of young people who want to create an environment for children to really experience God.  To hear from God.  To learn to love his Word.  To experience forgiveness and healing and freedom and purpose.

Probably the most impactful thing I heard at this meeting was that children who receive the Holy Spirit do not receive a portion of him or a child-size Holy Spirit.  They receive THEE Holy Spirit.  All of him.  The same Holy Spirit that any adult can receive.

I’d never thought about it in those terms before.


The thought of children experiencing God is just such a sweet thing to think on for a while.



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