Family Update

I meant to publish this last Friday…

It’s been a little while since I’ve pounded these keys.  I attribute it to having a toddler.  In case you haven’t heard, they are incredibly active and have a propensity for spilling their mother’s coffee.  They are also full of fun and adorableness, which makes the all the coffee spilling slightly more bearable.  Actually, as I type this I am pausing every thirty seconds or so to blow another round of bubbles for my Cameron to chase.

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (6)

I’ve had some fun adventures in this past month.  Yesterday morning I got home from being gone for two weeks.  Most recently, Jon, Cam and I were in Reno for a couple days so Jon could attend a cattle auction for his internship.  We ate a lot of beef, talked a lot about beef and saw thousands of big white cowboy hats.  Cam and I explored a couple parks played in the hotel elevators.  I made eight dollars on the penny slots and Jon lost ten on poker and then we realized that the arcade in Circus Circus was actually a lot more fun than the casino when you only have a couple twenties to blow on entertainment.  So I got in touch my childhood skee-ball fanatic and gave Cam a few rounds of basketball.  With our tickets we got him a cheap plastic yellow race car that broke on the drive home.


photo (3)

Before that we were up in Spokane, Washington visiting my family.  There’s so much I could mention, but we did some trampolining, hot tubbing, walks, a day at the lake and lots of quality time just hanging around the house.  Cameron loved having so much space to run around in and getting lots of gooey grandparent love and attention.

photo (4)

photo (5)

I also got to spend time with two of my favorite people in the world, both named Jessica, and both friends from high school.  It’s funny how now categorizing someone as a high school friend is now significant because it means we’ve been friends for 10+ years.  Crazy.

Tomorrow I am running my first half marathon!!!  I did really well with the training schedule during the first six weeks, but I’ve only run a few times in the past month.  The weather got hot, I was traveling…and my training went out the window.  So tomorrow will be a fight to the finish line.  Regardless of how I finish, it will the by far the furthest I’ve run in my entire life, so that in itself if really cool.

We are STILL trying to get pregnant.  If someone had told me in January that by July I would still not be pregnant I would have called them a liar and slapped them across the face.  But God has used this situation to do a lot in my heart.  I truly am trusting in his timing and plan for my family and I know that when it happens we will be overjoyed.

AND JON IS FINALLY INTO THE 6 MONTH COUNTDOWN UNTIL GRADUATING COLLEGE!!!!  I already bought some champagne for his graduation party and whenever he feels overwhelmed with another late night of homework, I can remind him that he’s almost there!!!  I wish he could be graduating in May when it would feel more like a real deal graduation, but regardless, December 14th is going to be a very happy day.  I think I might cry (And honestly he might too).  I’ve never seen someone work so hard for such a long time.  My husband is not a quitter and I’m really looking forward to celebrating his incredible accomplishments at the end of this year.



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