Half Marathon, check!

I arrived just before the race started.  Snapped a quick pic and didn’t even have time to stretch before the gun went off.  Oops!

photo (7) - Copy

It was foggy on the beach the entire time and in the mid 60s – perfect!  The whole race took place on the beach.  12 miles on the wet sand and then a 1 mile loop through dry sand and on some pavement.  During the first half of the race I listened to some great worship music and during the second half I switched over to a an upbeat club mix.

photo (10) - CopyI finished in 2 hours and 15 minutes which was exactly my goal for the race!

photo (8) - Copy

photo (9) - Copy

I absolutely LOVED this experience!  It ended up being a lot easier than I had anticipated:  I ran the whole way and I smiled throughout the entire race as well.  Might sound strange but smiling while you run actually helps you run farther and faster according to the world class runners.  Plus I think the smiling was in part due to the adrenaline and the fact that I just to proud, happy and accomplished just to be out there doing something I never really thought I could or would do!

photo (11)

Not sure when, but after this I am seriously considering doing a full marathon someday!


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